Home food Woman Receives Hilarious Note When She Ordered Pineapple On Her Pizza
Woman Receives Hilarious Note When She Ordered Pineapple On Her Pizza

Woman Receives Hilarious Note When She Ordered Pineapple On Her Pizza


In the history of mankind, there have been many great discussions between the point of view of direct polarity, which changed the results and resolved the form of society forever: climate change, separation of Church and State, existence of God. But now a new debate shook humanity to the core of the collective Kainha. This debate is: Should we put the pineapple on the pizza?

We all love pizza – at least, I do not know anyone who does not. But when it comes to the diversity of Hawaii, the division between the two camps can not be reconciled with, and everyone feels the need to influence this issue. For some people, the pizza is simply not complete without a few pieces of sweet pineapple, juice scattered on top.


As for the other men of pizza, the idea of ​​fruit rings on pizza, which is considered the most sacred food and in the world, is a terrorist act as a cook – as the burning of the flag as a betrayal to daylight. See Al’zaji on the pizza Hawaii is awesome.

Recently, the debate has been lit online, after the President of Iceland, Güney w. Johanison told a group of high school students during his February 2017 visit that he opposed Hawaii’s mostly pizza, and even said that if he can, he will be banned from pineapple stuffed with pizza.

Social media has been swamped swiftly by the ideas and opinions of lovers and haters, both on the subject of Banapelegat, but the latest news story out of the debate and perhaps the most fun, however, and shared after a student College student and one of them received a hilarious note along with her pizza delivery.


The Twitter user, who lives in the state of Arizona has ordered his own pineapple pizza to eat Sunday at a local pizza restaurant. But when he opened the lid of the box, he discovered a note on the five dollar cover recorded, with an apology from the dealer, saying: “We can not take myself to put the pineapple in it.

It seems that the dealer decided to deny his sweet dinner and money by removing the offending fruit and paying instead. Man, this is really a conservative attitude to pizza. The exchange was a memorandum image widely on social networks, and this is a big surprise for me.


Canadian Sam Banopoulos claims he is the original creator of Hawaiian pizza, the satellite restaurant in Chatham, Ontario, Canada in 1962, while experimenting with pineapple, pork or bacon layer. And it quickly became popular locally and eventually became a great supply of pizza restaurants around the world, and in 1999 it was chosen as the most popular in Australia’s taste survey, accounting for more than 15% Of all the pizza sold down.

I do not really think much about the material that has his favorite food: There can not be a lot of things that we do not know about the origins of humble pizza. For example, did you know that you are likely to cut your whole life wrong? Scientists have discovered at the University of Liverpool, the most ideal form of engineering.


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