Home People This Man Spent Thousands Of Dollars To Look Like Elf And The Results Are Awesome
This Man Spent Thousands Of Dollars To Look Like Elf And The Results Are Awesome

This Man Spent Thousands Of Dollars To Look Like Elf And The Results Are Awesome


Spend fanatical imagination over £ 25,000 on cosmetic surgery to become a real life dwarf. Yes, Luis Padron, 25, from Argentina was seriously intimidated when he was a child. Then she decided to look like another in the world, and in search of a different look, she began to whiten her hair and skin. He became very obsessed with the world of elves and angels and the fantasy is that he dreamed to look like them.

Lewis now has £ 4,000 per month routine for the application of the expert creams, dyes, treatment and SF 100 sunscreens.

Let’s have a look at the picture!


1) spent almost £ 25,000 on surgery to look like this.

Include surgery, nose surgery, remove all body hair, liposuction in the jaw, and many processes to change the color of the eye.


2) “It will not stop until it is completely transformed into a dwarf.” Padron says he does not care what people say and think about it.

Now you plan to undergo surgery that would make hair hair, heart-shaped, pointy ears, and the process of elongation of the limbs to get it high from 6 feet 5 inches in height.


3) Lewis, who fell in love with the fantastic genre through public adolescent says Early

“I’ve been bullied as a kid, and as one of the fugue, I immerse myself in fantasy films as a maze and story does not end, as well as fantasy stories Alokhry.ma more time things have changed, and older teens Loves me because I was unique and this is what encouraged me to start the conversion what I felt at home to reality, I started with cosplay but it was not enough, I wanted to change my perception of becoming a beauty. ”


4) At the age of 14 was selected for surgery completely …

“This was the beginning that led me to make a decision on the direction I wanted to go in my life, and it was painful and slow recovery, but I was happy how my,” No matter how much damage it has allowed me to get a step Closer to my dream as I want to be. ”


5) were subjected to many non-approved operations.

One of these treatments, which was done to change the appearance of a sample of brown to blue and glass – leading to painful side effects.


6) In an interview for the Daily Mail said:

“It was without anesthesia, it was very painful, and that meant he had to wear eye drops, sunglasses, black, and he became a vampire with a sensitivity to light Alhdid.vi started to see the stars in The sky was painful, but after three days I felt normal again, I do not know how they affect Mashhadi in the future, and I do not turn into a blue crystal so far, unfortunately, they are currently gray, but I am being optimistic already Which left four other sessions, “daily and mail transfer Padrón.


7) In this painting, Luis Padron, when the child was 10 years old.

He has been helped to appear unusual for him to make a career as a model, so he is paid to make appearances on various shows such as real life dwarfs.


8) When talking about the impact of all this in your life …

Luis Padron says, “I have my life for good in many ways, and I can not even begin to describe it.”


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