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The Rock and Tom Hanks Are Going to Run Together for President in 2020

The Rock and Tom Hanks Are Going to Run Together for President in 2020


Dwayne’s life “The Rock” Johnson seems to go well. Forbes named him 2016 High Representative paid, and rose to profit in that year $ 64.5 million – more than double that of 2015. Johnson’s checks came in advance fees for such films as the CIA, Fast 8 and Restart Biwach which are still in preparation. Beat Jackie Chan ($ 61 million) and Matt Damon ($ 55 million) to receive this honor.

Now, there are rumors that the rock has put its positions on the ground number one to the other. It is unclear exactly what part of this ludic playful joke rather than a reasonable fact, since they knew the man himself to discuss political interests in interviews. Johnson appeared on the Tonight Show program Jimmy Fallon, and noted the possibility of launching a presidential campaign.

1) “Three and a half years is a long way away. So we’ll see.”

In addition, although he declined to comment explicitly on President Trump’s performance so far, he said in an interview with the “GQ” recently that he does not support the so-called “Islamic ban.”

“I believe in our national security to the core, but I do not believe in the” prohibition “that forbids immigrants.I believe in inclusion.Our country was built on it, and it is still strong in it.And I felt like a rule Of sudden decision. ”

Johnson was previously registered Republicans, who is currently registered. He said that not only would he be interested in running, an opinion poll showed he would beat Trump in a hypothetical choice. Johnson in his interview with Guo also said that both campaigns Trump and Clinton approached him for support. So there is interest, is there a demand and politicians to take into account? What leads to the continuation of the campaign? The last appearance of the rock at the end of the Saturdaa Night Live season may have simply answered this question.

The exhibition hosted the fifth time, during the opening of the rock Monoluge announced that the exhibition marks the beginning of its campaign. He said he chose his colleague, a revelation that served as the creation of a sudden appearance. It was found that this subject is only Oscar winner Tom Hanks, who immediately took the stage to accept this nomination – interesting to the applause of the audience.

2) “Dwayne, Dwayne, Dwayne, I could not … reject it! I will!”

Creepy couple around the Saaadhm, with Tom Hanks claiming that he will receive a “big vote”, thanks to the fact that he “fought in WWII, like, 10 different films.” The Rock received the prediction of its own – it will win “minority voting because everyone just assumed that I, well, whatever.” Reactions began to play hilarious streaming on Twitter.


Even though the timing was all fun SNL games, they are still questions about the political motives of the rock. Johnson / Hanks 2020 ticket may have been only in Geist suggested, but I still think we should see this space. Certainly, you will not be the first person to cross from our screens to the White House.

H / T: Washington Post


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