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The Hubble Telescope Just Spotted Something Strange Coming Out Of Uranus

The Hubble Telescope Just Spotted Something Strange Coming Out Of Uranus


Scientists have monitored only something unexpected from Uranus. OK, OK class solution. Why are you laughing? We are about to embark on serious scientific research here, and if you can not take things seriously, we will not go further. The fact that the seventh planet of the solar system name coincidence seems like a reference to the sphincter, which does not mean that one has to resort to the raw spirit of humor when talking about astrophysics. We can not be shameless and make assumptions when we get to the bottom of Uranus. I have you? It’s okay.

Even Monday, NASA and ESA released a wonderful picture of Twilight in the most misunderstood of the all-time planet, Uranus. Oororas, such as the northern lights here on the planet, caused by collisions between electrically charged particles released from the sun.

However, it became clear that the phenomenon Twilight is not unique plant. Twilight has been documented on Jupiter and Saturn are fine, but so far, not much is known about the sunset of Uranus.

The settlers on Uranus get a wonderful view. Scientists used the Hubble Space Telescope to glimpse in the twilight of Uranus, caused by currents from a variety of places charged by the solar wind to the planet’s upper atmosphere.

Twilight is captured in the strong magnetic fields that are then sent into the upper atmosphere, where interactions with gases such as oxygen or incredible nitrogen set off light bursts.

After several years in 2012 and in 2014, a team led by the astronomer of the Paris Observatory in France launched a second look at the sunset of Uranus using the UV radiation capabilities of the space telescope (ITS) imaging spectrum installed at Hubble .

Like a lot of awesome twilight earth, the results you have achieved is simply amazing. However, only the beauty of twilight, which made it wonderful – was not what scientists can infer from its existence.

This shows that through twilight control, scientists can astronomers infer the presence of the magnetic poles of Uranus. When they first tried in the 1980s, it was a real problem with scientists to know that, because they could not even feet or head the planet’s badge.

“Follow the perturbations caused by the powerful solar wind planets Rhqtin traveling from the sun to Uranus, and then used the Hubble to influence Uranus Oororas’ and found themselves seeing more intense Twilight at all on the planet.

“As they watched the twilight with the passage of time, and gathered the first direct evidence of how strong these bright areas revolve with the planet. They discovered even more the long-lost magnetic poles of Uranus, which it lost after discovery by the Voyager 2 in 1986 due to uncertainty in measurements and the surface of the planet highlighted.

It seems that astronomy has come a long way since the eighties, finally it has been identified in the characteristics of the first Kwakbna that was misunderstood completely understood. Who knew Uranus was a heap of secrets hidden beneath the icy surface? Of course, I did not. What is this? Are you still laughing? Seriously guys, it’s Uranus. It has toxic gases. What could be funny?


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