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Stranger Witnesses Awful Case Of Animal Cruelty And Decides To Intervene

Stranger Witnesses Awful Case Of Animal Cruelty And Decides To Intervene


If you want to be hated and Filievad, the easiest way to do it is to be cruel to animals. Our pets are supposed to be members of our family: we take these animals in our homes for love and care for them

Despite this, there are still pet owners who only seem to own an animal so they have a victim incapable of harassment and abuse. Rescue animal shelters save these downtrodden animals from routinely horrible conditions imaginable.


According to statistics published by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, dogs are more common in the western world types of animals, and more than 57 percent of the cases of animal cruelty reported in the UK In relation to dogs. On the other hand, the Assembly carried out an investigation in 2015 in 33,884 cases involving cats and 15,965 cases of horses and dowry. This adds up to a total of 81,146 complaints of cruelty against man’s best friend.

In this regard, the Internet is a very useful tool for those who want to save animals mistreatment to more harm, because it means that photos and videos of animal abuse can be shared and shame the authors quickly. The most recent example to get a lot of attention in social media is an accident in which the dog owner was supervised by passers-by, raising the dog by the neck


I took these disturbing images by an unknown passer-by who saw a man in Mount Holly, North Carolina, has almost a dog collar. The women suffered a man (who was not identified), but he says that the woman would take care of her own.

Thinking quickly, cut the good Samaritan these quick pictures on his smartphone and call the police department at Mount Holly, which quickly arrested the man on charges of cruelty to the animals. I also contacted Doug Nick Bosiev Impact Riesco, a dog shelter, based in Union County – posted images of Facebook to raise awareness of animal cruelty.


Commentators annoyed by disgust with men for veterinary use. “Thanks good passers-by took action instead of just taking a picture in the hope that the dog is in good hands ,.” One commentator said, while another added, “I hope there is a special place in hell for people like that too who should be treated the same!” Put the collar on it and dragging it around!

It is really surprising how quickly with pet mistreatment you can achieve a complete recovery once the attention has been given a little treat by the owners. For example, meet Chunki puppy who was brutally tortured by teenagers, but seems much happier and healthier.


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