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Scientists Are Claiming That Kids Inherit Their Intelligence From Their Mothers

Scientists Are Claiming That Kids Inherit Their Intelligence From Their Mothers


Parents then sabotage the swords of war ideals, and save the daggers resentment and stop the fights, because it seems that the debate was happening from time immemorial may have been finally settled.

I have long been a dispute between partners even more friendly point where their seed gathers the most positive aspects of their appearance and character, almost the competition to claim the rights to brag about their son’s brilliance, beauty and charming personality .

Of course, all parents want to think that their children’s success can be attributed in a critical line and a rigid return to their personality traits and Fortas, but it seems that there is now concrete evidence (ready to celebrate, ladies) that attributes Most precious and precious personal. IQ is inherited from the mother.

It has long been known that intelligence genes carrying the X chromosome – large because women have two X chromosomes, while men only have one. The possibilities already stacked female in the relationship for profit.

Despite this, the eye guide appeared on the horizon, thanks to researchers in Glasgow, who carried out an extensive study, interviews almost 13 thousand people aged between 14 and 22 years in one of annual appointments Before the year 1994.

The research team has taken into account several factors where it carried out the study, including the education obtained by participants and their ethnic, social and economic background, but it was clear that the most accurate knowledge of intelligence is ”


On the other hand, the most obvious is still, and it seems that research also suggests that contributes to the function of advanced cognition in the inherited brain of the parent genes can be automatically abrogated.

It is believed that the combination of genes that is commonly referred to as the “conditional gene” only works if it is transferred from the mother, in some cases the father or in other countries, and believes that intelligence among those to be derived from the mother .

Laboratory research done on mice seems to confirm this plane of thought. Transgenic mice that received “doses” additional mothers later put the brains of the larger objects smaller, while those modified with “additional doses” of the parent genes placed the larger devices, but the brains of the reports more Small and independent.


However, it seems clear that genetics is part of the level of individual intelligence, but independent reports indicate that between 40% and 60% of intelligence is expected to be genetically, this means that a large amount will be affected by factors Environmental impacts.

It seems that separate studies give a high degree of importance to the role of the mother in this capacity as well, however, a study by the University of Washington has decided that there is a strong emotional relationship between mother and child is vital in The development of certain aspects of the child’s brain.

The results will serve as a blow to parents around the world who attribute their offspring and their taste to themselves – presumably – in a similar way. Although not all is lost, although researchers have been quick to point out that many of the contribution that play a role in measuring intelligence, intuition and emotion, such as genes can be inherited from the father. Do not stop reading them, and parents.


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