Home Politics Read the Full Transcript of the Second Presidential Debate Between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
Read the Full Transcript of the Second Presidential Debate Between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Read the Full Transcript of the Second Presidential Debate Between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump


I sat down and Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on Sunday night in the second general election presidential debate.

Open observers Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz in the form of debate at City Hall with questions about Trump recorded in 2005, which appeared on Friday and throwing the GOP into chaos.

From there, clashes between the candidates remained heated throughout the night.

Read the full text of the debate at the University of Washington in St. Louis, run by CNN and disconcerted Cooper Raddatz.

[*] Raddatz: Ladies and gentlemen, Republican presidential candidate presidential candidate Donald Trump democrat Hillary Clinton.


Cooper: Thank you so much for your presence here. Let’s start a question from a member of the town hall. Each of you will have two minutes to answer this question. Secretary Clinton, who won the launch of a currency, so she has to go first. Our first question is from Patrice Brock. Patrice?

QUESTION: Thanks, and good night. It could be the last discussion evaluated as the Master, a more mature audience, all the guidelines the parents meet. Knowing that awareness specialists set the breadth of presidential debates as a task for students, do you feel that you are modeling appropriate and positive behavior for today’s youth?

Clinton: Well, thank you. Are you a teacher? Yes, I think this is a very good question, because I have been told by many teachers and parents about some of their concerns about some of the things that are Col ھ a and Fl ھ one in this campaign.

I think it is very important for us to explain to our children that our country is very big because we are good. Let’s respect each other, and lift each other up. We are going to look for ways to celebrate our diversity, and we will try to reach every child, as well as all adults, to bring them to work on behalf of our country.

I have a very positive and optimistic view of what we can do together. So my campaign slogan is “together stronger” because I believe that if we work together, if we go through the division that Americans sometimes put against each other, and instead we make some big goals – and I have Put some big goals, and make the economy work for everyone, and not just those at the top, and make sure we have the best education system from preschool to college and make it universally accessible, and many others .

If we set these goals and we go together to try to achieve, there is nothing in my opinion that the United States can not do. So I hope we’re together in this campaign. Obviously, I am hoping to earn your degree, and I am hoping to be elected in November, I can promise you, I will work with all Americans.

I want to be the president of all Americans, regardless of their political beliefs, where people tat, how they look, their religion. I want Nltim our country and we start it together, because this is the best way for us to achieve the future that our children and grandchildren deserve.

Cooper: Secretary Clinton, thank you. Trump, you have two minutes.

Tromp: Well, actually agree with that. I agree with everything he said. This campaign started because I was very tired of seeing this kind of silly things happen in our country. This is a great country. This is a great land. I got to know the people of the country during the last year and a half I was doing as a politician. I can not believe I say that of myself, but I think he was a politician.

Tromp: The concepts of the whole make great United States again. When I see the operations being done, when I see what is happening with some of the terrible things like Oobamacar, where your health and health insurance goes up astronomical numbers, 68 percent, 59 percent, 71 percent, When I look to deal with Iran and what bad treatment for us, it is a one-sided deal in which re- $ 150 billion to a terrorist state, in fact, the number one terrorist state, and made them a Strong state is really very weak country only three years ago.

When I look at all the things I see all the possibilities that our country possesses, we have enormous potential, both in business and commerce, where we do it wrong. Last year, we had a trade deficit of nearly $ 800 billion. In other words, trade with other countries. We had a $ 800 billion deficit. It’s hard to believe. You can not imagine.

You say you make these offers? Let’s make great deals. We will be strong on our borders. Let’s restore law and order. Only today, he opened fire on the police, killing two. This happens on a weekly basis. We must restore respect for the law. At the same time, you have to worry about people from all sides. We need justice.

But what I want to do things are not done, including repairing and making American citizens our best inner cities of African descent, which is very large, and by Latinyin, Latinos, and I hope to do so. It’s called to make the United States big again.

Cooper: Thank you, Mr. Trump. Posted by Patrice was about whether you are both good behavior and positive modeling of young people today? We received a lot of questions over the internet, Mr. Trump, on tape, which was released on Friday, as you can imagine. I called what I said jokingly in the closet of the room. He described kissing women without their consent, and seizing the genitals. This is a sexual assault. You boasted of having sexually assaulted women. Do you understand that?

Tromp: No, I did not say anything at all. I do not think you understand what it was – it was this modern dressing room. I’m not proud of it. I apologize to my family. I apologize to the American people. I’m certainly not proud of it. But this is the modern wardrobe.

As you know, when we have a world in which you have heads cutting Isis, where you have – and frankly drowned people in steel cages, where you have wars and terrible, terrible websites everywhere where there are lots of Bad things happen, and this is like the Middle Ages. We have not seen anything like this, carnage around the world.

They look and they look. Can you imagine people who, frankly, are doing well against us with Daesh? They see our country and see what is happening.

Yes, I am very ashamed of it. I hate it. But he removes the modern wardrobe, and it is one of those things. I’m going to get the shit out of Daesh. Let’s defeat Daesh. Daesh occurred several years ago in the vacuum left by bad government. I’ll tell you, and I’ll take care of Daesh.

Cooper: So, Mr. Trump …

Tromp: We have to get to much more important things much bigger things.

Cooper: But it would have to be said that what I have said on this bus, 11 years ago that has not really accepted the woman without the consent or without the consent of the mobilization of women?

Tromp: I have great respect for women. No one respects women more than they do.

Cooper: So, for the record, you say you never did it?

Tromp: I said things that, frankly, that you hear these things I said. I was embarrassed. But I have a great respect for women.

Cooper: Have you ever done these things?

Tromp: Women respect me. I’ll tell them: No, I did not. I’ll tell you that I’m going to make our country safe. We will have limits of our country, which we do not have now. People pour in our country, and come from the Middle East and elsewhere.

We are going to make the United States safe again. We are going to make America great again, but let’s make America safe again. We will work to make the United States rich again, because if it does not, they look difficult, but we have to build the wealth of our nation.

Cooper: Thank you, Mr. Trump.

Tromp: Now, other countries take the jobs that carry our wealth.

Cooper: Thank you, Mr. Trump.

Tromp: That’s what I want to talk about.

Cooper: Secretary Clinton, do you want to respond?

Clinton: Well, like everyone else, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the last 48 hours about what we’ve seen and heard. As you know, with former Republican candidates for president, I did not disagree with them on politics, politics, principles, but do not question fitness for service.

Donald Trump is different. I said in June that it was not appropriate to be president and commander in chief. Many Republicans and independents said the same thing. What we have all seen, and we hear on Friday, Donald was talking about women, what he thinks about women, what he does for women. He said the video is not represented.

But I think it’s obvious to anyone who heard it exactly who it is. Because we have seen throughout the campaign. We have seen women insulting. We have seen it, the rate of women in their appearance, arranged one to ten. We saw women embarrassed on TV and on Twitter. We saw it after the first debate is spending almost distorting the Miss Universe last week in personal terms, most of the hardest.

Yes, this is what Donald Trump is. But this is not only women, and this is not just the video, which raises doubts about their aptitude to be our president, because he also targeted immigrants and African Americans, Latinos, the disabled and prisoners of war, Muslims , and many others.

So this is what Donald Trump is. The question for us, the question that must be answered by our country is that this is not who we are. This is the reason – to return to your question – I want to send a message – we all have – for each boy and girl, but to everyone that the United States is great already, but that they are great because we are good, and respect each other , We will work with each other, and we will celebrate our diversity.

Clinton: These values ​​are very important to me, because this is the America I know and love. I can promise you tonight that this is America that will serve if I am lucky enough to become its president.

Raddatz: We want to get to some of the Internet questions …

Tromp: Are you allowed to respond to that? I suppose.

Raddatz: Yes, you can respond to it.

Tromp: It’s just words, people. They are only words. Those words, I have listened to them for many years. Reputations when they were staying in the New York Senate, where Hillary is going to create jobs in New York in New York and have failed.

I have heard them where Hillary constantly in the cities of the interior of our country, which is the education of wisdom in terms of wisdom, Joboiz, security wise speak, in all possible. I’m going to help African Americans. I’m going to help Latinos, Hispanics. I am going to help the cities of the interior.

He has a terrible job of Americans of African descent. They want to vote, they do not do something, and then come back four years later. We saw him immediately when he was a United States senator. The electoral campaign has led to the main part of its campaign …

Raddatz: Trump, Trump – I want to get questions from the audience and questions online.

Tromp: So, it allows them to do it, but does not allow it to respond?

Raddatz: You’re going to be – you’re going to get the answer now.

Tromp: That sounds fair.

Raddatz: This tape generates an intense interest. In just 48 hours, he became the most talked about story of the entire election in 2016 on Facebook, with millions and millions of people arguing on the social network. As we said a moment ago, we would like to ask voters questions across the country through social media, and our first stay on this topic. Jeff asks Ohio on Facebook, “Trump says the campaign has changed, when did it happen?” So, Mr. Trump, let me add to that. When I left the bus at the age of 59, who is a different man or did this behavior continue until recently? And you have two minutes for this.

Tromp: the modern wardrobe, as I told you. This was the modern locker room. I’m not proud of it. I am a person who respects the people, my family, the people of this country. Certainly, I’m not proud of it. But this is what happened.

If you look at Bill Clinton, much worse. Mine are the words, and it was their job. He did what he did for the women. There was no one in the history of the politics of this nation that was very offensive to women. So it can be said in the way that this means, but Bill Clinton was offensive to women.

Hillary Clinton attacked the same women and Hajmthn furiously. Four of them here tonight. One woman was raped, one wonderful woman, 12, 12 were represented by her client, and I saw two separate occasions to laugh, to laugh at the girl who was raped. Kathy Shelton, the young lady here with us tonight.

So do not tell me the words. I am absolutely – I apologize for those words. But the things that people say to her. But what did President Clinton, who had accused, that he was licensed to practice law. He had to pay a fine of $ 000 to $ 850 for a woman. Paula Jones, who is also here tonight.

And I tell you that when Hillary meets a point like this and talk about the words she said to her 11 years, I think it’s a shame, and I think they should be ashamed of themselves, if you want to know the truth.


Raddatz: Can you stick to clapping? Secretary Clinton has two minutes.

Clinton: Well, first of all, let me start by saying that much of what you just said is not true, but he gets his administration in any way of his choice. He makes a decision about what he wants to talk about. Instead of answering people’s questions, and talking about our agenda, and developing plans that we believe can make a better life and a better country, and this is your choice.

When I hear something like this, it reminds me of what I told my friend Michelle Obama everything: When you go low, on a high level.

(Oblios), and see if this is just a video clip, maybe what he says tonight will be understood, but each can draw their own conclusions at this time about whether the man in the video or the man about The woman of the stage. But he did not apologize for anything for one.

Clinton has never apologized for Mr. and Mrs. Khan, a gold star who died his son, Captain Khan, during the performance of duty in the Iraq family. Donald and humiliating and attacked them for weeks about their religion.

Never apologize for the distinguished federal judge, who was born in Indiana, but Donald said he can not be trusted to be a judge because his parents were Aguetbassan “Mexican.”

Never apologize to the journalist who had phonograph and mocked on national television and was watching our children. He has never apologized for the racial lie that President Obama was not born in the United States of America. An apology is owed to the President, who owes an apology to our country, and has to take responsibility for his actions and his words.

Tromp: Well, you owe the president an apology, because as you well know, his campaign, Sidney Blumenthal – is the real winner he has – and he is the one who has this started along with his campaign manager, and they were On the TV screen just two weeks ago, she was saying exactly. So I really owe you an apology. You are the person who sent campaign images to send photos with President Obama on a particular dress. That was much earlier committed than ever, so I really owe an apology.

The second issue, Michelle Obama. I have to see the ads that were made. I got to see some of the fiercest commercials I’ve seen by Michelle Obama talking about you, Hillary.

So, you talk about a friend? Go and take a look at those ads, a career in which I have lost those of the law, unlike the Bernie Sanders race, where I won, but not those of the law, in my opinion. All you have to do is take a look at WikiLeaks and just see what they say about Bernie Sanders and see what Deborah Wasserman Schultz was in the mind because Bernie Sanders, among the super delegates and Deborah Wasserman Schultz, said she has not an opportunity. I was very surprised to see him sign the devil.

But when you talk about an apology, I think the person who should apologize to him really, what you have to apologize for is 33,000 email that you deleted, and you have washed, then email box And emails and other things in the last week taken from the office and now lost.

I’ll tell you what. I did not think I would say this, but I will say it, and I do not like to say it. But if I win, I will direct the Attorney General to take a special prosecutor to analyze the situation, because there was a lot of lies, a lot of deception. There was none of that, we’re going to have a special prosecutor.

When I speak, I go out and speak, the people of this country angry. In my opinion, people who were long-term workers at the Federal Bureau of Investigation are upset. There was nothing like this, where emails – and you get a subpoena, you can get a subpoena, and after receiving a subpoena, you can delete 33,000 emails, then you are washed or bleach them with acid, as That is, the process is very costly.

So we’re going to have a special prosecutor, we’ll keep that in mind, because you know what? I’ve had people – destroyed their lives to do what they’ve done five. And it’s a shame. Honestly, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Raddatz: Secretary Clinton, I want to follow him.


Raddatz: I’ll let you talk about emails.

Clinton: … because everything he said is completely false, but it does not surprise me.

Tromp: Really?

Clinton: In the first debate …


Raddatz: And in fact, the public needs to calm down here.

Clinton: … I told people it would be impossible to be a Donald reality check all the time. I never talk about what I want to do, and how we are going to really be a better life for people.

So, again, go to HillaryClinton.com. We have literally Trump – you can check the truth to it in real time. The last time in the first discussion, we had millions of people review reality, so I hope we will have millions more review of reality, since, as you know, it is – it is only very good that someone with the temperament Donald Trump Is not responsible for the law in our country.

Tromp: Because you’re going to be in jail.


– Raddatz: Secretary of State Clinton.

Cooper: We want to remind the public that please do not speak out loud. Please do not applaud. You are losing your time.

Raddatz: Secretary Clinton, I want to follow up emails. I told him that the email delivery was wrong. He disagrees with FBI Director James Comey, who describes the handling of confidential information, quotes, “very careless.” The FBI says that there are 110 emails exchanged secretly, eight of which were highly classified, and likely hostile actors are able to access e-mails. Is not this negligence called too? Clinton: Well, Martha, first of all, let me say – and I’ve said it before, but I’ll repeat it, because I want everyone to hear – it was a mistake, and take responsibility for using your personal email account. Obviously, if I had to do it again, I would not do it. I do not make any excuses. It was a mistake. I’m so sorry about that.

But I think it’s also important to take into account some of the accusations of misleading critics and others. After reaching a year, there is no evidence that anyone who hacked the server he uses and there is no evidence that anyone can point to everyone – whoever says otherwise has no basis – that any confidential material ended up in the wrong hands .

Taking classified material very seriously and always. When I was on the Senate Armed Services Committee, I was fortunate enough with many of the classified materials. Obviously, as chancellor, we had some of the most important secrets we have, like going after bin Laden. So I am very committed to taking confidential information very seriously. As I said, there is no evidence that any confidential information ended up in the wrong hands.

Raddatz: Well, let’s move on.

Tromp: however, you did not know the word – the letter C in the document. True? She did not even know what that word – which means the message.

As you know, it’s incredible. Miro Hillary review the facts. She’s going to go after the truth after the fact, they meet again, because she said – you know, what I did with the email was fine. Do you think it was good to remove 33,000 emails? I do not think like that.

Her 33,000 e-mail message was her relationship with her daughter’s wedding, number one, and yoga degree. Well, maybe we’re going to give three or three or four or five or something. 33,000 emails deleted, and now she says there was nothing wrong.

More importantly, it was after receiving a summons. It was not before. That was later. Obtained from the United States Congress. And I’ll be honest, I’m disappointed members of Congress, including Republicans, to allow this to happen.

The headlines of the Ministry of Justice, where our husband goes to the next plane for 39 minutes, to the days of the attorney general to rule out in the previous case. However, for you to say that there was nothing wrong with removing 39,000 emails, again, you should be ashamed of yourself. What I did – this is after receiving a call from the United States Congress.

Cooper: We have to move on.

Tromp: I have. Wait a minute. One second.

Cooper: Secretary Clinton, you can respond, and then you have to move on.

Raddatz: We want to give the public a chance.

Tromp: If you have done in the private sector, you have been put in jail, let alone after receiving a call from the United States Congress ordered.

Cooper: Secretary Clinton, you can respond. We then turn to the public’s question.

Clinton: Look, it’s not right. So please go to …

Tromp: Oh, you did not eliminate them?

Cooper: That your answer, please.

Clinton: Personal, unofficial emails.

Tromp: Oh, 33,000? Yes.

Clinton: No – Well, we’ve delivered 35,000, so …

Tromp: Oh, yes. And the other 15,000?

Cooper: Please, let him respond. You did not speak as you spoke.

Clinton: Yes, it’s true, I did not.

Tromp: Because you have something to say.

Clinton: I was not in the first debate, and I will try not to be in this discussion, because I would like to address the questions that people brought here tonight to talk to us.

Tromp: download this question.

Clinton: Well, Donald. I know you’re in for a big conversion tonight, nothing to avoid talking about your campaign and the way they turn it off and the way the Republicans left off. But at least let’s focus …

Tromp: let’s see what happens …


Cooper: That’s your answer.

Clinton: … on some of the issues that concern people tonight. Let’s get to the questions.

Cooper: We have a question here from Ken Carboatz. She has a question about health care. Ken?

Tromp: I’d like to know, Anderson, why not give rise to emails? I would like to know. Why not bring …

Cooper: We’ve raised the emails.

Tromp: No, I did not. He did not do it. And it has not been fully completed.

Cooper: Ken Carboatz has a question.

Tromp: It’s nice – one in three.

QUESTION: Thank you. Affordable Care Act, known as Oobamacar, is unreasonable. Premiums increased. Discount has gone. The number of flights has increased. Medical prescriptions have gone. Coverage has declined. What would you do to reduce the cost and make the best coverage?

Cooper: The first goes to Secretary Clinton, due to start another one to the public.

Clinton: If he wants to start, he can start. No, go ahead, Donald.

Tromp: No, I cushion, Hillary. Scurry.


Cooper: Secretary Clinton?

Clinton: Well, I think Donald was about to tell Christlha to rescind him and get rid of the law of care at affordable prices. I’m going to fix it, because I agree with you. Premiums are very high. Payments, deduction and medical drug costs, we have developed a number of actions we can take to try to get these costs down.

But this is what I do not want to forget when people are talking about refining costs, which should be the highest priority for the next president, to the affordable assistance bill passed, it was not only 20 million have insurance I did not have it before. But this in itself was a good thing. I meet these people all the time, and they tell me what the difference is, which means insurance for themselves and their families.

But everyone, earned 170 million of us receiving health insurance through our great benefits. Number one, insurance companies can not deny coverage because of a pre-existing condition. Number two, not the limits of a lifetime, a big deal if they have serious health problems.

The third issue, can not charge more women than men in health insurance that we have, which is how it was used by the law of care at affordable prices. Figure IV, if they are under 26, their father and has a policy, which may be in this policy until the age of 26, which has not happened before.

So much that I want to save what is useful and good about the law of affordable protection. But we have to reduce costs. We need to offer additional assistance to small businesses so they can pay for health insurance costs. But if Ogheinaha, as suggested by Donald, and start over, all those benefits I just mentioned have been lost for all, and not just the people who get health insurance in the bag. Then we have to start over.

Now, we are in 90% health insurance coverage. This is the highest we have ever in our country. Cooper: Secretary Clinton, time runs out.

Clinton: So you want to get 100 percent, but to get the low costs and maintain the highest quality.

Cooper: Trump, you have two minutes.

Tromp: That’s a big question and maybe it’s the question that I understand almost more than anything else, outside the defense. Oobamacar disaster. You know. We all know that. It rises in numbers that no one is seen all over the world. Nobody seen figures like those of medical attention.

It’s just getting worse. In 17, it explodes itself. In determining your style is to go back and ask Congress more money, more and more money. We now have almost $ 20 billion worth of debt.

Oobamacar will never work. It is very bad, health insurance is very bad. Very expensive. Not only for the person who has expensive, very expensive for our country. It will be one of the biggest items coming soon.

We have to Ngheih and replace them with something less expensive at all, and nothing works, where you can design your plan. We have to get rid of the statewide lines, industrial lines, where we stop insurers from participating in the contest, because they want – and President Obama and was working on it – who want to leave these lines, since it gives the Essentially monopoly insurance companies. We want competition.

You will have the best health plan there. She wants to go to a single payer plan, which would be a disaster, something similar to Canada. If you have not noticed the Canadians, when they need a big operation, when something happens, they come to the United States in many cases because their system is very slow. It is disastrous in certain ways.

But they want to go to a single payer, which means that the government basically controls everything. Hillary Clinton came years later. Oobamacar was the first step. Oobamacar is a complete disaster. Not just your rates by numbers that no one ever thought of, but your discounts go up, at least you are hit by a truck, and you will not be able to use it.

Cooper: Trump, your time …

Tromp: This is the catastrophic plan, and must be repealed and replaced.

Cooper: Secretary Clinton, I left Otbekm. Her husband is called Oobamacar, citation, “the craziest thing in the world”, saying that small business owners are dead as double premiums, coverage is cut in half. Was it wrong or was it simply a mistake to tell the truth?

Clinton: No, I mean, he explained what it means. It’s very clear. Look, we are in the situation of our country in which if we had to start again, and we have arrived with a different system. But we have based ourselves on the employer’s system. This is where the vast majority of people get the medical care.

It is intended that the law of affordable assistance to try to close the gap between people who are very poor and can not charge any of the health care resources, ie people who have Medicaid. It is clear that the “Medicare”, who defended the system, takes care of the elderly, and does a great job, by the way, and then all the people who were working, but people who worked but did not have the money To get insurance and had no one, employer or any other person to help them.

That was the idea that Oobamacar was taken approach. As I say, now has 20 million people now health insurance. Even if we were just shredded and thrown away, what Donald does not say is that we just go back to insurance companies the way they should, and that means insurance companies …

Cooper: Minister Clinton …

Clinton: diabetes … you do everything you want, including say, look, sorry, you have, you have cancer, your son has asthma …

Cooper: Time is running out.

Clinton: … you may not be able to get insurance because you can not afford it. So let’s fix what’s broken by this, but do not throw it away and give it all back to insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. This will not work.

Cooper: Trump, let me follow this. Tromp: Well, I just want – one thing. First of all, Hillary, everything breaks about this. All. No. 2, Bernie Sanders said Hillary Clinton is very bad judgment. This is a perfect example of this, in an attempt to save Oobamacar, which is a disaster.

Cooper: He told me he wants Oobamacar to end …

Tromp: By the way …

Cooper: He said he wants Oobamacar to finish. You have also said that you want to make coverage available to people who have pre-existing conditions. How are insurance companies forced to do so if they no longer cost all American insurance?

Tromp: We’ll be able to do it. You will have plans …

Cooper: What does that mean?

Tromp: Well, I’ll tell you what it means. He’s going to have very good plans, because we’re going to have a lot of competition in the insurance industry. Once you get out – as soon as we get off the lines and allow the competition to come …

Cooper: You go – who will have to have the state that Americans should have health insurance?

Tromp: President Obama – Anderson, I’m sorry. President Obama, by keeping those lines and lines around the edges of each state, had almost risen only toward the end of a very Oobamacar, which was approved, by the way, was a fraud. You know, because Jonathan Gruber, an engineer Oobamacar, said – that was a big lie, that was a big lie. President Obama said to keep his doctor, who maintains the insurance. Everything is fraud, and it does not work.

But when to get rid of those lines, you will have the competition, we will be able to keep ahead, and we will also be able to help people who can not get it – they have no money because we are going to let people be protected.

Republicans believe this way, believe it or not, and strongly in this way. We are going to grant grant in the US. We are going to grant grant to Medicaid in the USA. …

Cooper: Thank you, Mr. Trump.

Tromp: … so we can be able to take care of people without the necessary funds to take care of themselves.

Cooper: Thank you, Mr. Trump.

Raddatz: Let’s now go to Gorba Hamid with a question for both candidates.

Question: Hello. There are 3.3 million Muslims in the United States, and I am one of them. I mentioned working with Islamic countries, but with Aaslamuvobaa on the rise, how do you help people like me to cope with the consequences described as a threat to the country after the elections?

Raddatz: Trump, that in the first place.

Tromp: Well, you’re right about Islamophobia, and this is a disgrace. But all we have to do is make sure – because there is a problem. That is, like it or not, we can be very politically correct, but like it or not, there is a problem. You have to make sure that the Muslims go and send their reports when they see something happen. When they see the hate passing, they have to report it.

For example, in San Bernardino, many people saw the bombs throughout the apartment for two villages that were killed and 14 wounded, many, many people. He was wounded. It will not be the same. Muslims should report problems when they see.

As you know, there is always a reason for everything. If they do not, it is a very difficult situation for our country, because we look at Orlando and look at San Bernardino and look at the World Trade Center. Get out. Look at Paris. Look at this horror – these are the radical Islamist terrorists.

And I will not even mention the word not President Obama. And he will not use the term “radical Islamic terrorism.” Now, in order to solve the problem, you can talk about what the problem is or at least the name says it. I will not say the name, President Obama will not say the name. But the name there. It is a radical Islamic terrorism. Before you settle, you have to say the name.

Raddatz: Secretary Clinton? Clinton: Well, thanks for your question. This question a lot of American Muslims throughout our country have heard, because, unfortunately, there were a lot of divisions, very dark and things that are said about Muslims. Even someone like Captain Khan, a young man who sacrificed himself in the defense of our country in the United States Army, was attacked by Donald.

I want to say a few things. First, we had Muslims in the United States since George Washington. We had many successful Muslims. We have lost only one figure known to Muhammad Ali.

Clinton: My vision for America is America, where everyone has a place, if you are willing to work hard, you do your part, you can contribute to society. This is what the United States. That is what we want the United States to be for our children and grandchildren.

It is also myopic, even dangerous, to participate in this type of demagogic speech by Donald Muslims. We need American Muslims is part of our eyes and ears at the front of our lines. I have worked with a lot of different Islamic groups across America. I have met a lot of them, and heard how important it is for them to feel they are wanted and part of our country, part of national security, and this is what I want to see it.

It is also important that I intend to defeat Daesh, doing so in an alliance with most Islamic countries. Now, many of those countries hear what Donald is asking, why should we cooperate with Americans? This is a gift to Daesh, the violent terrorist and jihadist terrorists.

We are not at war with Islam. It is a mistake and leads to the hands of the terrorists to act as if we were. So I want a country where citizens like you and your family are welcome just like any other person.

Raddatz: Thank you, Secretary Clinton.

Trump, in December, said this. “Donald Trump calls for the complete and full closure of Muslims entering the United States so that our representatives can know what is going on in hell, and we have no choice, we have no choice.” Coworker, said this week that the Islamic ban is no longer his position. Is this true? If so, was it a mistake to take a religious test?

Tromp: First, Captain Khan is an American hero, and if the head at that time, he would be alive today, because unlike her, who voted for the war without knowing what he was doing, he did not have In Iraq. Iraq was a disaster. So he was alive today.

The Islamic prohibition is something turning in the form of its forms to a strict examination of certain areas of the world. Hillary Clinton wants to allow hundreds of thousands – I’m sorry. We are sorry ..

Raddatz: Why turn to it? No, do not – answer the question. Do you still believe … Tromp: Why did not you cut yourself? I love it all the time.

Raddatz: me.

Tromp: Why did not he cut it?

Raddatz: Can you explain whether the Muslim ban is still valid or not?

Tromp: It’s called extreme scrutiny. We go to areas like Syria, where tens of thousands come for Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton wants to allow a 550 percent increase over Obama. People come to our country as we have no idea who they are, where they are from, what their feelings about our country are, and they want 550 percent more. This will be a great Trojan horse of all time.

We have enough problems in this country. I believe in building safe areas. I think there are other people who are paying for it, as an example, the Gulf, they do not carry the weight of the countries, but not only have money, taking care of people. But I do not want to be, with all the problems facing this country and all the problems that are happening, hundreds of thousands of people coming from Syria, when we do not know anything about them. We do not know anything about their values ​​and we know nothing about their love for our country.

Raddatz: Let me, Clinton, ask you about this, as you have requested an increase of 10,000 to 65,000 Syrian refugees. We know you want to look more strict. This is not a perfect system. So, why take the risk that the arrival of these refugees to the country?

Clinton: Well, first of all, I’m not going to let anyone in our country, I think it’s a threat to us. However, there are a lot of refugees, women and children – think of that picture we saw everything, 4-year-old boy with blood on his forehead as it was bombed by the Russian and Syrian air forces.

There are children who suffer from this disastrous war, to a large extent, I believe, because of Russian aggression. We have to do our part. We are by no means carried anywhere near pregnancy than Europe and others. But we will have auditing, which is difficult as it has to be professionals and our intelligence experts and others.

But it is important for us as a politician, as you know, do not say, as Donald said, we will ban people on the basis of religion. How do you do it? We are a country based on religious freedom and freedom. How to do what he asked, without causing great anguish in our city? Will we carry out religious tests when people fly in our country? And how do we hope to be able to put those into practice?

So I thought what he said is very reckless and even dangerous. In fact, you can see a lot of advertising on terrorist websites, and what Donald Trump says about Muslims used to recruit fighters because they want to create a war between us.

The last thing I will say, is the tenth or twelfth denied that the war against Iraq. We have it on tape. The whole body of the press has looked. It has been dismantled, but it did not stop him from saying what he wants to say.

Tromp: This is not Davunkiyd.

Clinton: So, please …

Tromp: This has not been dismantled.

Clinton: … go to HillaryClinton.com and you can see it.

Tromp: I was against – it is against the war in Iraq. It does not disassemble. I voted for him. That should not have. Well, I just want to say …

Raddatz: There was a lot of data to prove it works. I want to pass the question through the Internet …

Tromp: I’m sorry. I was only about 25 seconds longer.

Raddatz: I did not do it.

Tromp: Can I respond to this, please?

Raddatz: Very quickly, please.

Tromp: Hillary Clinton, as far as the presence of people who come to our country, we have many illegal aliens criminals. When we want to bring them back to their country, their country says we do not want them. In some cases, they are killers, and lords of drugs, and drug problems. They do not want them.

Hillary Clinton said, when she was secretary of state, this is a bit, and we can not force them into her country. Let me tell you, I’m going to force you to return to your country. They are murderers and some very bad people.

Strongly and I’ll tell you, when Bernie Sanders said they had a bad judgment, bad judgment really does, because we stop people in this country, which will cause problems and crime like never before. We also let drugs flow through our southern border into a record clip. In a section log. This should not be allowed to occur.

ACE just supported me. Never support a presidential candidate. Agents of the Border Patrol, 16500, recently supported me and supported me because I understand the border. It is not. They want amnesty for everyone. Come to the right. Come to the right. It’s a terrible thing they do. He has a bad judgment and, frankly, so bad that he should never be president of the United States. What can I tell you.

Raddatz: Thank you, Mr. Trump. I want to move on. The next public question through an open alliance of open dialogue between the two-party forum where Americans presented the questions that generated millions of votes. This involves the question on the topic of Wikileaks claimed excerpts from Clinton’s paid letters, which refused to release, and a particular line, which says where Clinton’s secretary is located. It takes a year and a special position in certain Themes. Therefore, a (P), Virginia asks: Is it okay for politicians to be cunning? Is it acceptable to have a special political position on the issues? Secretary Clinton, two minutes.

Clinton: Well, it’s true. As far as I remember, this was something I said about Abraham Lincoln after seeing the Steven Spielberg movie called Wonderful “Lincoln.” It was a Lincoln President’s keynote class watching for Congress to approve Amendment 13. It was initially, and it was strategic.

I think sometimes it is difficult for Congress to get what it wants to do and it is necessary to continue working on it. And yes, President Lincoln is trying to convince some people, and using some of the arguments, and persuading others, uses other arguments. That was great – I thought of a great sample of presidential leadership.

But, you know, let’s talk about what is happening here, Martha, because the intelligence community that just came out and said in recent days that the Kremlin, in the Putin sense and the Russian government, attacks That lead, and piracy in Latin represents the impact on our choice. And WikiLeaks is part of it, as well as other sites where Russians cut off information, and they do not even know if they were accurate information, and then put them on.

We were not in the history of our country in a situation where the deduction, a foreign power, difficult to influence the outcome of the election. And believe me, they are not doing so that they chose me. They do so in an attempt to influence the election of Donald Trump.

Clinton: Now, maybe because he has praised Putin, maybe because he says he agrees with much of what Putin wants to do, maybe because he wants to do business in Moscow, and I do not know the reasons. But we deserve answers. We must ask Donald to release all tax returns so that people can see what the tangles and financial relationships he has …

Raddatz: Let’s get to that later. Secretary Clinton, who is out of time.

Clinton: … with the Russians and other foreign powers.

Raddatz: Trump?

Tromp: Well, I think you should respond, because it is – a very silly. Look, now that guilt – you got stuck in a complete lie. I went to his leaves all his friends at the banks, Goldman Sachs and everyone else said things – WikiLeaks, they just came out. And he lied. Now she blames lying on the last, great Abraham Lincoln. That’s what I did not …


OK, honest, honest dad Abe never lied. This is a good thing. This is the big difference between Abraham Lincoln and you. This is a big, big difference. We are talking about some of the differences.

But with respect to other elements of what he says, I do not know Putin. I think it would be very good if we arrived with Russia, since we can fight Daesh together, for example. But I do not know Putin.

But I realized, at any moment something bad happens, that they like what the Russians say they are – they do not know if the Russians do the piracy. There is probably no piracy. But they always blame Russia. The reason they blame Russia because they think they are trying to discredit me with Russia. I do not know anything about Russia. I know – that I know of Russia, but I know nothing about the inner workings of Russia. I do not deal there. I have no company there. I do not have loans from Russia.

I have a large, very large budget that when I did the old post office on Pennsylvania Avenue, the United States government, because of the public budgets, who actually know very well, chose me to do the old post office, between The White House and Congress, who chose me to make it Office old mail. One of the basic things in the region, in fact, was probably the most important thing is the balance. But I do not have loans with Russia. You could go to the United States government, and it is possible to say that, because they know very well my role in order to get this development had to be.

Now, taxes are something very simple. As soon as I do – first, and I have to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes. Many of his friends took the biggest cuts. Warren Buffett gave a big discount. Soros, who is a friend of hers, gave me a big discount. Many people who Aattiyunha all this money they can do a lot of ads, giving him – took huge cuts.

They pay me hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes. But – but once the routine of my audit, I release your back. I would be very proud. In fact, they are very large.

Raddatz: Thank you, Mr. Trump.

Cooper: They want to make us, in fact, the subject of taxes. We have a question from Spencer Mas. Spencer?

QUESTION: Good evening. My question is: What are the specific tax provisions Sttgerha will ensure that wealthier Americans pay their fair share of taxes?

Cooper: Trump, you have two minutes.

Tromp: Well, one thing I’m going to do is get rid of the interest rate you’re charged. One of the big phrases for people like me, to be honest with you, and I give up many things when I run, because I hit the tax code. And I could have done it years ago, by the way. It’s the United States – it was a United States senator.

And they complain that Donald Trump benefited from the tax law. Well, why do not you change it? Why not change when I was a member of the Senate? The reason he does not do it is that all his friends are taking the same advantage as I do. I also. You have tax provisions that, frankly, the law, we can change. But it will not change, as all these people gave money so you can take the negative ads on Donald Trump.

But – and I say about many things. As you know, I’ve heard Hillary complain about a lot of different things over the years. “I hope you have.” But it was there for 30 years, he is doing these things. It has never changed. And it will never change. It will never change.

We dispose of the provisions of interest charged. I cut taxes actually, because I think it is very important for companies, because we have left companies – big companies and some of them, we can not be a bit. We get rid of regulations that go hand in hand with tax cuts.

But we reduced the 35% tax to the 15% rate. We cut taxes for the middle class. I’ll tell you, and cut them a big league middle class.

I’ll tell you, Hillary Clinton to raise her taxes, and people. You can look at me. He raises his taxes very high. What will happen is a disaster for the country. But raise your taxes and cut your taxes. This in itself is a big difference boundary. We will be prosperous again. We do not have any growth in this country. There is no growth. If China’s GDP has 7 percent, it is like a national disaster. We were up 1 percent. This is, like, any growth. We go less, in my opinion. And much of it has to do with the fact that our taxes are too high, almost the highest in the world. I brought them to one of the lowest in the world. I think it’s very important – one of the most important things we can do. But everyone collects taxes dramatically.

Cooper: Secretary Clinton, you have two minutes. The question is: What are the specific tax provisions Sttgerha will ensure that richer Americans pay their fair share of taxes?

Clinton: Well, everything I heard from now on, Donald is not true. I feel like I have to keep saying this, but he lives in an alternative reality. It’s interesting to know someone’s federal taxpayer does not pay within 20 years talking about what he was going to do.

But I’ll tell you what you’re going to do. And it will give your wealth greater tax cuts and businesses have never had, more than Bush’s tax cuts for not less than two of two. Donald always takes care of people like Donald and Donald, and this will be a great gift. In fact, how to talk about tax cuts would eventually lead to higher taxes on middle-class families, and millions of middle-class families.

Now, this is what I want to do. I’ve told anyone who makes less than $ 250,000 a year – this is the vast majority of Americans, as you know – taxes are raised, because I think you have to go where the money is. The money is with people who have benefited from every single pause in the tax code.

Yes, when I was a member of the Senate, I voted to close business gaps. I voted to close, I think, one of the gaps he used when he claimed a $ 1 billion loss, which allowed him to avoid paying taxes.

I want to put a tax on people who make a million dollars. It’s called Buffett’s rule. Yes, Warren Buffett is the person who left, said a person like he should not pay the tax rate is lower than his secretary. I want to get additional income taxes above $ 5 million.

We have to make up for lost time, because I want to invest in you. I want to invest in hard homes. I think it’s unfortunate, but it happened, since the Great Depression, and the profits have all gone to the top. We have to reverse it.

People like Donald, who pay zero taxes, zero for our doctors, zero army veterinarians we have, zero health and education, and this is a mistake.

Cooper: Thank you, Secretary.

Clinton: And we’ll make sure no one, no company, no individual can escape without paying their fair share to support our country.

Cooper: Thank you. I want to give you – Trump, I want to give you the opportunity to respond. I just wanted to tell viewers what to suggest. Last month, the first number of taxes on Facebook for the first time in the campaign. The New York Times published three pages of tax returns for the year 1995. They show that it declared a loss of $ 916 million, which means that it could have avoided federal income tax on personal income for years. You said you pay state taxes, taxes, employees, real estate taxes and property taxes. But do not answer a simple question. Have you used a loss of $ 916 million to avoid federal income tax payments for personal years?

Tromp: Of course I do. Of course yes. Just like all donors have, or most of their donors. I know many of the donors. Donors have been given a large tax write-off operations.

Cooper: So you have (inaudible) federal personal tax?

Tromp: A big part of me – Sorry, Anderson – a big part of my cancellation was consumption and other things that Hillary as a Senate member allowed. She will always allow it, because the people who give them all this money, they want it. For this

Look, I understand the tax code better than anyone who ever runs for President. Hillary Clinton – and this is extremely complex – Hillary Clinton has friends want all these provisions, including the interests they want to afford, which is very important to the people of Wall Street. But what they really want to have interest in, I think leaves Hillary provide. Very interesting why he had stopped interest bearing.

But I’ll tell you, I’m number one, and I have to pay a huge amount of taxes. I never use it. Just like Warren Buffett did as well as George Soros, and so did a lot of other people that Hillary get the money from. Now, I will not mention their names, because Gneon, but they are not well known. So we’re not going to make them famous.

Cooper: So how many years have you avoided paying federal income taxes?

Tromp: No, but I’m paid taxes, I pay federal taxes too. But I have a cancellation, and it is a lot of consumption, a big burden. I love the consumption. As you know, you gave it to us.

Hey, if they have a problem – for 30 years they do this, Anderson. I say all the time. And talk about health care. Why do not you do something about it? And if we talk about taxes. Why do not you do something about it? He does not do anything but talk. With her, it’s all talk and work.

Cooper: In the past …

Tromp: And, again, Bernie Sanders, it’s really bad judgment. Bad judgment not only on taxes has been issued. I have given bad judgments about Libya, Syria, some about Iraq. That is, Obama, whether we like it or not, and the way they got them out of Iraq, the void I left, and so their Daesh form in the first place. They started in this small area, and now they are in 32 different countries, Hilary. Congratulations. Great job.

Cooper: Secretary – I want you to be able to respond, Secretary Clinton.

Clinton: Well, here we go again. I have favored the elimination of interest paid for years, beginning when I was a member of the New York Senate. But this is not the point here.

Tromp: Why do not you do it? Why do not you do it?

Cooper: That’s your answer.

Clinton: Because I was a member of the Senate with a Republican president.

Tromp: Really?

Clinton: I will be the president and you will get it. This is absolutely true.

Tromp: Can you do it, if you are effective – if you are an effective Senate member, you could do it. If you are an active member of the Senate, you can. But he was not an active member of the Senate.

Cooper: Please, let him respond. Not having interrupted.

Clinton: As you know, under our Constitution, the heads of the so-called right of veto. Look, now, said repeatedly, “this 30 years old and 30 years old.” So let me talk about 30 years in the public service. I am very happy to do so.

Eight million children each year have health insurance, because when you’re the first lady worked with Democrats and Republicans to create a health insurance program for children. When hundreds of thousands of children now have an opportunity for adoption because they worked to change the adoption and care system. After 9 September I went to work with the Republican mayor, governor and president of New York to return to the construction and access to health services for the rescuers who were suffering as they headed towards danger and became infected with the. Hundreds of thousands of National Guard and Reserve members take care of their health because of the work you have done, and children have safer medicines because I was able to pass a law that requires large doses carefully.

When I was Secretary of State, I was everyone appeals to our country, but also advocate for the rights of women, to ensure that women have a good chance of achieving a better life and to negotiate a treaty with Russia for Reduce nuclear weapons. There are four hundred legislation that bears my name as a patron or patron in the care of when I was a member of the Senate for eight years.

I have worked very hard and proud of his re-election in New York, a bigger margin than I was first elected. As President, this job Sookhz, a working group, is to find common ground, because you will be able to live with people to do things in Washington.

Cooper: Thank you, Secretary.

Clinton: I have shown that I can, for a period of 30 years, have produced results for people.

Cooper: Thank you, Secretary.

Raddatz: Let’s move to Syria. All that have been mentioned.

Tromp said a lot of things that were fake. I mean, I think we should stop …

Raddatz: No, we can not – no, Mr. Trump, and we’ll move on. This is about the public.

Tromp: I’m sorry. Because it was a disaster as a member of the Senate. Disasters.

Raddatz: Trump, it will move. Centered video that attracts 5-year-old Syrian boy named Imran sitting in an ambulance after he was pulled out of the rubble after an air raid on Aleppo, the world’s attention to the horrors of war in Syria with 136 million Clock on Facebook only.

But there are much worse pictures of Aleppo every day now, where only 400 people died in recent weeks, 100 of whom at least children. A few days ago, the State Department was asked to investigate Bashar al-Assad’s war crimes in the Syrian regime and its ally, Russia, Aleppo bombed.

So the next question is through social networks through Facebook. Diane from Pennsylvania asks, if you are president, what to do with Syria and the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo? Is not much like the Holocaust, when the United States waiting for a long time before we help? Secretary Clinton, who will start with two minutes.

Clinton: Well, the situation in Syria is catastrophic. Every day that passes, we see the results of the Assad system in association with the Iranians on the ground, the Russians in the air, and the bombing of places, especially Aleppo, where there are hundreds of thousands of people, perhaps around 250,000 still remains. There is a determined effort by the Russian Air Force to destroy Aleppo in order to eliminate another of the Syrian rebels who actually hold up against the Assad regime.

Russia paid no attention to Daesh. They are interested in preserving the lion in power. Thus, when I was Foreign Minister, I call and defend today’s no-fly zone and safe areas. We need some sort of influence with the Russians, because they do not go to Aotiwa at the negotiating table in order to reach a diplomatic solution, unless there is some influence on them. We must work more closely with our partners and partners in the field.

But I want to emphasize that what is at stake here is the ambition and aggression of Russia. Russia has decided that everything in Syria. They have also decided to become president of the United States, well, not me. I have faced Russia. I have taken on Putin and others, and I will do it as president.

I believe in what we can cooperate with Russia, and this is a good thing. While doing it as chancellor. So he gave us a nuclear weapons reduction treaty. How do we get sanctions imposed on Iran, who put the lid on the Iranian nuclear program, without firing a single shot. So I would like to go to the negotiating table with the influence of more than we have now. But support efforts to investigate crimes and war crimes committed by Syrians and Russians and treat Mhacbhhm.

Raddatz: Thank you, Secretary Clinton. Trump?

Tromp: First, there was a minister of state with the call line in the arena, which …

Clinton: No, I did not. I’ve gone. I do not like Iqtek, but at some point …

Tromp: OK. But it touches – I’m sorry. I was …

Clinton: At some point, we have to do some verification of the facts here.

Tromp: I was totally in touch with the White House, maybe, unfortunately, Obama can still be heard. I do not think it would be too much to listen to you anymore.

Obama draws a line in the sand. I laughed everyone what happened.

Now, with that said, she is talking hard against Russia. But our nuclear program has been left behind, they have gone to the mainland with their nuclear program. Not good. We should not allow our government to do so. Russia in terms of new nuclear. We are old. We are tired. We are exhausted in terms of nuclear energy. Something very bad.

Now, he talks hard, she really speaks hard against Putin and against Assad. She speaks for the rebels. They do not even know what rebels are. As you know, every time we take the rebels, whether in Iraq or anywhere else, we’re arming people. And you know what happens? They end up worse than people.

Look what I did in Libya with Gaddafi. Gaddafi. This mess. By the way, Daesh has a good share of his oil. I’m sure I probably heard it. It was a disaster. Because the truth, almost everything I did in foreign policy was a mistake and it was a disaster.

But if you look at Russia, to take a look So be sure of Russia, and look what they did this week, where I agree, I was not there, but maybe consulted. We signed a peace treaty. Everyone is excited. Well, what Russia did with Assad, and certainly with Iran, which made it very strong with the most mysterious agreement of what you’ve ever seen in the history of industry offers, Iran deal, with 150 billion $, With $ 1.7 billion in cash, enough to fill this room.

But look at the deal. Now Iran and Russia is now against us. So you want to fight. She wants to fight for the rebels. There is only one problem. He does not even know who the rebels are. What is the purpose?

Raddatz: Trump, Trump, your two minutes is up.

Tromp: One thing I have to say.

Raddatz: Your minutes are up.

Tromp: I do not like the lion at all, but the lion kills Daesh. Russia kills Daesh. Iran kills Daesh. These three have now lined up because of the weakness of our foreign policy.

Raddatz: Trump, let me repeat the question. If I were president …


… What is being done about Syria and the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo? I want to remind you of what your colleague said, respectively. He said Russia’s provocations must be met by American force, and that if Russia continues air strikes with Assad’s Syrian forces, the United States must be prepared to use military force to attack Assad’s military objectives .

Tromp: OK. He did not speak, and I do not disagree. I object.

Raddatz: You do not agree with your colleague, respectively?

Tromp: I think you have to hit Daesh. Currently, Syria is fighting Daesh. We have people who want to fight both at the same time. But Syria is no longer Syria. Syria is Russia, it is Iran, they have made it strong, they make Kerry and Obama is very strong nation and the nation is very rich, very, very very very very fast.

I think you have to get Daesh. We have to worry about Daesh before we can participate too. I had the opportunity to do something with Syria. That he had the opportunity. This was the line. He did not do it.

Raddatz: What will happen in the case of the fall of Aleppo?

Tromp: I think Aleppo is a humanitarian disaster.

Raddatz: What do you think will happen if you fall?

Tromp: I think it has basically fallen. Good? It has landed at the base. Let me tell you something. Have a look at the connector. I have the biggest problem with the stupidity of our foreign policy, we have Mosul. They believe that many of the leaders are Daesh in Mosul. So our ads come from Washington and Iraq, and they attack Mosul in three weeks or four weeks.

Well, all these bad leaders of Daesh leaving Mosul. Why can not they do it in silence? Why can not the attack be carried out, and it made surprise attack, and after the attack, and inform the American public that we have expelled the leaders, we have achieved great success? People are leaving. Why do we say that we are going to attack Mosul in the next four to six weeks, and this is what they say? How stupid is our country? Raddatz: Sometimes there are reasons for the army to do so. Psychological warfare.

Tromp: I can not think of any. I can not think of any. I’m very good at that.

Raddatz: she can be directed to help civilians.

Tromp: We have Flynn in general. We have – look, I have 200 generals and admirals who have supported me. I have 21 Medal of Congress winners who supported me. We’re talking about it all the time. They understand, why they can not do something secretly, where do they go and chase after driving? How – why do these people stay there? Now I read …

Raddatz: Tell me what your strategy is.

Tromp: … for weeks – now I have read for weeks about Mosul, the port where it is known, between tenderness and Mosul, and this is where you think the leaders are Daesh. Why they say – do not stay there. They left. Because everyone is talking about how Iraq, which we with our leadership, will fight in Mosul.

Now, with these 200 admirals and generals, I can not believe it. All I say is this. General George Patton, General Douglas MacArthur entangles in his grave in the stupidity of what we are doing in the Middle East.

Raddatz: I’m going to go to Minister Clinton. Secretary Clinton, who wants to go to the lion. I have called for the supply of arms to the rebels, but it seems it may be too late for Aleppo. It speaks of diplomatic efforts. Those who have failed. Ceasefire fires have failed. Is the threat of US military force going to blow out against the Assad regime to support the diplomatic zone?

Clinton: United States ground forces would not use in Syria. I think it would be a very serious mistake. I do not think American troops should be territory that has, what needs to be done as an occupying power. I do not think this is a smart strategy.

I believe that the use of the special forces we use, and the use of elements of empowerment and trainers in Iraq, which have had some positive effects, are on our side, to a large extent, so I support what is happening, but I They left alone

Raddatz: But, what do you do differently since President Obama do?

Clinton: Well, Martha, I hope at the moment – if I’m lucky …

Tromp: Everything.

Clinton: I hope while I am the president we had paid Daesh out of Iraq. I think there’s a good chance we’ll take the connector. As you know, Donald says he knows more about Generals Daesh. No, do not.

There are a lot of very important planning, some of which is a year reference in the region, as well as Kurdish peshmerga fighters, we all need to be in this. This requires a lot of planning and preparation.

I’m going after al-Baghdadi. And Sostahedv Baghdadi specifically, because we believe our targeting of Al-Qaeda leaders – and participated in many of these operations, which are classified as operations significantly – an event makes the difference. So I think it can help.

I also consider arming the Kurds. It was the best Kurds in Syria as well as Iraq. I know there is a lot of concern that in some circles but I think you should have the equipment you need in order to be Kurdish and Arab fighters on the ground is the main way we take sensitivity after Daesh paid for Iraq.

Raddatz: Thank you very much. We will move

Tromp: You know what’s funny? I went more than a minute, and do not stop it. When I go to a second, that is a big problem.

Raddatz: I’ve had many answers.

Tromp: It’s really – it’s really very interesting.

Cooper: We have a question here from James Carter. Sump?

Q: My question is, do you think you can be president dedicated to all people in the United States?

Cooper: This question begins with Trump.

Tromp: Exactly. That is, it calls our piety, a large group, and can not be repaired. I will be president of all our people. I would like to be president in turn, cities inland and empower people and give people the economy and create jobs again.

Because the North American Free Trade Agreement, which was signed by her husband, perhaps most of the trade disasters in the history of the world. Not in this country. Our inventory of manufacturing jobs. We have lost our jobs. We have lost our money. We have lost our plants. It is a disaster. Now they want to sign type, even though it now says it is so. And the gold standard is described. By the way, in the last debate, she lied, since it turned out to be the gold standard, she said she did not say it. They said in the fact that she lied. Good? And he lied. But they lied about many things.

Tromp: I’m going to be the president of the whole town, the African-Americans, the urban centers. Destructive of what is happening to the cities of the interior. She was talking about it for years. As usual, we talk about it, nothing happens. Do not do it.

The same with Latin Americans, US Hispanics. Exactly the same. They talk, do not get it done. Go to cities inland and – see poverty at 45 percent. African Americans now report 45 percent of poverty in inner cities. The education of disasters. Functions essentially non-existent.

I mean, you know, and I say it in big speeches where I have 20,000 and 30,000 people, what should I miss? You can not go to worse. Speaking of cities inland for 25 years. Nothing ever happens.

Let me tell you, if the president of the United States, nothing will happen. He’s just gonna talk. And all his friends, and the taxes we’ve been talking about, and I only get by osmosis. He does me no favors. But to do what others prefer, they do me favors.

Cooper: Trump, thank you.

Tromp: But I’ll tell you, that’s all the talk. Do not do it. All you have to do is look at the workings of the Senate herself. Take a look at the northern part of New York.

Cooper: Your minutes are up. Secretary Clinton, two minutes?

Tromp: This turned out to be a disaster.

Cooper: You have two minutes, Secretary Clinton.

Clinton: Well, the voice of 67 percent of the people I re-elect when I met my second term, and I was very proud and very modest before.

Carter, I’ve tried my whole life to do what I can to support children and families. You know, right out of law school, I went to work for the Children’s Defense Fund. Donald and talk a lot about, you know, 30 years I’ve been in the public service. I’m proud of it. As you know, I started out as a young lawyer working against discrimination against American children of African descent in schools and in the criminal justice system. Work was done to ensure that children with disabilities can receive a general education, which is something that matters a lot to me. I have worked with Atinos – one of the first physiographic in politics was in South Texas Latin Recording citizens can vote. So I have a deep dedication, to use the correct word completely, to make sure that all Americans feel like that or have a place in our country.

I think when we look at the letters I get, and a lot of people are worried that they probably will not have a place in United States Donald Trump in America. Write me, write me a woman about her son, Felix. And adopted in Ethiopia, when I was a child. He was 10 years old now. This is the only country they know. He listens to Donald on TV and told his mother one day, does he send me back to Ethiopia if elected?

As you know, children listen to what is said. To return to the first question. There is a lot of fear – in fact, teachers and parents call the influence of Trump. The bullying is higher. Many people feel, as you know, it is unstable. A lot of children are expressing their concerns.

So, first of all, I will do my best to reach out to everyone.

Cooper: Time, Secretary Clinton.

Clinton: Democrats and Republicans and independents, and people all over our country. If they do not vote for me, I still want to be their boss.

Cooper: Your minutes are up.

Clinton: I want to be the best president that can be for all Americans.

Cooper: Secretary Clinton, her own flour is upstairs. I want to continue with the matter that was said to Donald Trump, a comment he made last month. I told him that half of Donald Trump’s followers are, quote, “Almstnkeran, racist, gender, homophobia, xenophobia, Alaslamovubik.” Later I said I regretted saying half. He did not express his regret over the use of the term “Dablorabalz”. To a question, Mr. Carter, how can you unify the country if you can write to tens of millions of Americans?

Clinton: Well, in a matter of hours he said sorry for the way we talked, because my argument is not with his supporters. It is with him and with the campaign of hatred and contentious-term, incitement to violence in Mseerath and very brutal types of comments about not only women but all Americans, all American types.

And what he said about African-Americans and Latinos, and Muslims, and prisoners of war, and immigrants, and people with disabilities, he has never apologized. So I think a big part of the tone and emphasize what he said – I am proud of the campaign carried out by Bernie Sanders. We have a campaign based on problems, not insults. And he supports me 100 percent.

Cooper: Thank you.

Clinton: Because we talk about what we wanted to do. Maybe we had some differences, and we had a lot of discussions …

Cooper: Thank you, Secretary.

Tromp: … but we believe we can make the country better. I was so proud.

Cooper: I want to give you a minute to respond.

Tromp: We have divided the state. We have a very divided nation. We look at Charlotte. We look at Baltimore. We look at the violence that takes place in the inner cities of Chicago to take a look at Washington, DC.

We have an increase in homicides in our cities, the largest in 45 years. We have a divided nation, because people like – and believe me, they have a huge hatred in their heart. When cultivated, it means that. When he could not do without them, he can not do without, he did not mention it, but when she can not do without, they can be worse for me.

Cooper said some of them indispensable.

Tromp: It’s huge – it has tremendous hatred. This country can not take more than four years Barack Obama, and this is what there is.

Cooper: Trump, let me get in touch with you. In 2008, he wrote in one of his books that the most important attributes of a good leader is discipline. He told me, if the leader does not have to, and I quote, “he or she will not be one for a long time.” In the days following the first discussion, I sent a series of tweets 03 a.m.-5 a.m., including one of the messages that people are asked to check out for the sex tape. Is this discipline a good leader?

Tromp: No, check that there was no sex tape. It was just to take a look at the person who has accumulated why being explorer beautiful girl who was not a scout girl.

Cooper said sex tape.

Tromp: By the way, for you to understand, when he said 3:00 in the morning, take a look at Benghazi. She, who will respond to the call at 3 am? Khomein What? He did not realize it, because when he was ambassador Stevens …

Cooper: The question is, do you discipline a good leader?

Tromp: 600 … – Wait a minute, Anderson, 600 times. Well, she said that she was awake at three in the morning, she also sent a tweet at three o’clock in the morning, but I will not mention it. But he will be awake. Who would – the famous thing, and we will respond to our call at 3:00 in the morning. Guess what happened? Ambassador Stevens – Ambassador Stevens sent 600 requests for assistance. He was the only one who spoke to Sidney Blumenthal, who is his friend and not a good man, by the way. So, as you know, there’s no need to talk about it.

Now, chirping becomes a modern form of communication. That is, you may like or dislike it. I have between Facebook and Twitter, I have almost 25 million people. It is a very effective way of communicating. This can be done, but it is a very effective form of communication. I’m not proud of it, to be honest with you.

Cooper: Secretary Clinton, right, Mr. Trump has the discipline to be a good leader?

Clinton: No.

Tromp: I was surprised to hear that.


Clinton: Well, it’s not just my opinion. It is the opinion of many others, and national security experts, and Republicans, and former Republican members in Congress. But this is partly because of our great honor to see this mission up close and I know how difficult it is, and not only because I saw my husband’s $ 300 billion deficit and it becomes a surplus of $ 200 billion , And has created 23 million new jobs and higher incomes for all. All the world. Revenue in the United States rose – Africa by 33 percent.

That’s not only because I worked with George W. Bush after the atheist September / September and was very proud when she told him what the city needs, and what he needed to recover, and said he has it, he did not to flinch. He stuck to me.

I have worked and admired President Obama. He inherited the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. It was a terrible moment for our country.

Cooper: We have to move on.

Clinton has nine million people lost their jobs.

Raddatz: Secretary of State for Clinton, who …

Clinton: It has five million homes.

Raddatz: Secretary Clinton, we move.

Clinton was eliminated $ 13 trillion of wealth from homes. We return to the right track. He said that he will bring us back into recession with tax plans that are beneficial to wealthier Americans.

Raddatz: Secretary Clinton, we are again questioning the public. We’re almost out of time. We have another … Tromp: We have the slowest growth since 1929.

Raddatz: We come to the public’s question.

Tromp: This is – our country has the slowest growth and employment is a disaster.

Raddatz: Trump, Secretary Clinton, who want to reach the public. Thank you very much.


We asked another audience. I have a question for each of the Miller House candidates.

QUESTION: Good evening. Perhaps the most important aspect of these elections is the Supreme Court Judge. What would give priority to the most important aspect of the selection of judges in the Supreme Court?

Raddatz: Let’s start with two minutes, Secretary Clinton.

Clinton: Thank you. Well, you’re right. This is one of the most important issues in this election. I want the appointment of the Supreme Court judges who understand how the world actually works, who have real life experience, who were not only in a large law firm and perhaps secretary to the judge and then stepped down from the Bank, but, as you know, maybe they tried some more cases, I really understand what people are against.

Because I think the court had gone in the wrong direction. So I would like to see the Supreme Court revoked the citizens and get dark and inexplicable money from our policy. Donald disagrees with that.

I would like the Supreme Court to understand that voting rights continue to be a major problem in many parts of our country, and that they do not always do everything possible for people of color, the elderly and young people to be able to exercise their prerogative . I want the Supreme Court to stay with Roy v. Wade and the right of women to choose, and I want the Supreme Court, which will adhere to equality in marriage.

Now, Donald has developed the names of some people to be seen. Among the proposed are that people invest Roy v. Wade and reverse marriage equality. I think this is a terrible mistake and take them back.

I want the Supreme Court, which is not always side-by-side with corporate interests. I want a high court to understand why you are rich and can give you more money for something that does not mean that you have more rights or have more of the rights of any other person.

So I have a very clear opinions on what I want to see it for some sort of balance in the Supreme Court. I strongly feel that the Senate did not work and did not allow them to vote for President Obama, a highly qualified person, did not give him a voice in order to be able to have a total of nine Supreme Court justices. I think it was a negligence in the line of duty.

I hope to see your way to do this, but if you are lucky enough to be president, and I will move immediately to make sure we fill it, we have nine judges to get to work on behalf of our people.

Raddatz: Thank you, Secretary Clinton. Thank you. I was out of time. Trump?

Tromp: Judge Scalia, a senior judge, recently deceased. We have a vacancy. I look forward to the appointment of judges very much in the mold of Justice Scalia. I’m looking for the judges – I’ve actually chosen 20 of them for people to see, it’s very respected, very thoughtful, and in fact very well reviewed only by everyone.

But people who respect the Constitution of the United States. I think this is very important. In addition, the second amendment, which is completely besieged by people like Hillary Clinton. And he will respect the second amendment and what it represents, and what it represents. It is very important to me.

Now, Hillary said nothing about contributions until she understands. So I will be in the race of over $ 100 million placed in – of my money, this means that I do not take all this much money from all these different companies as they do. What I ask is this.

So you put in more – by the time you have finished, you will be over $ 100 million invested. Enough of self-financing. We raise money for the Republican Party, we do much of the small grants $ 61 average or so.

Hillary ask, why not – made $ 250 million be in the office. She used the power of her office to make lots of money. Why not finance, not $ 100 million, but why not put $ 10 million or $ 20 million or $ 25 million or $ 30 million in your campaign for?

It’s $ 30 million less special interests that will tell you exactly what to do, and really, I think, that’s a sign of a good American public. Why not put some money? You have a lot of it. I’ve done a lot of it for the fact that you’re in the office. Do a lot of it while I was Secretary of State, in fact. Why not put money into your own campaign? Only for curiosity.

Clinton: Well …


Raddatz: Thank you very much. We will move to the other question.

Clinton: The question for the Supreme Court. I just want to say quickly, and I respect the second amendment. But I think there must be a complete background check, you have to close the breach of arms fair, close the gap on the Internet. Cooper: Thank you.

Raddatz: Our – one last question, Mrs. Clinton.

Clinton: We have to save as many lives as possible.

Cooper: We have another question from Ken Bonn about energy policy. Ken?

Q: What are the steps to follow to meet the energy needs of energy policy while at the same time in the environment and minimize the loss of jobs for workers in fossil fuel power plants?

Cooper: Trump, two minutes?

Tromp: Exactly. I think this is a big question, because the energy is besieged by the Obama administration. Under the absolute siege. Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, and kills these energy companies. Foreign companies now come to buy ours – buy a lot of different factories and then re-plant the plants so they can take care of their oil.

We killed – totally killed our energy in this country. Now, I’m all about alternative forms of energy, like wind, like solar energy, and others. But we need much more than wind and solar energy.

How we look at our miners. Hillary Clinton wants to put all the miners out of work. There is something called clean coal. Coal will continue for a thousand years in this country. We now have natural gas and a lot of other things because of the technology. We have an incredible – we find ourselves in the last seven years, we have found the right wealth enormous beneath our feet. Very good. Especially when you have $ 20 trillion in debt.

Energy companies have been brought in again. You will be able to compete. They are going to make money. And it will pay for the national religion. We are going to pay huge our budget deficit, which is huge. But we put energy companies out of the reach of work. We must restore our workers.

It takes a look at what happens to the solid and cost of steel and China poured huge amounts of steel into the United States, which is basically the slaughter of steel workers, our companies and our steel. We have to protect our energy companies. We must make it possible.

EPA is so restrictive that the energy companies with which we work. All you have to do is go to a great place like West Virginia or places like Ohio, which is a phenomenon, or places like the state of Pennsylvania and see what they do for people, miners and others in the field of Energy. It is a shame.

Cooper: Time is running out. Thank you.

Tromp: It’s an absolute shame. Cooper: Secretary Clinton, two minutes.

Clinton: Actually – Well, this was very interesting. First, China is illegally pulling steel in the United States, and Donald Trump bought to build Mbanh, which steelworkers and steel plants of America puts out the scope of work. This is what I have fought against him as a member of the Senate, and he would have a commercial agent to ensure that they do not get to benefit from China on steel or anything else.

As you know, because it seems like you are in business or you are aware of people in the business – you know we are now, for the first time in independent energy history. We are not based in the Middle East. However, the Middle East still controlled a lot of prices. Therefore, the price of oil has fallen. This had the adverse effect on a lot of oil companies, did not it? However, a lot of natural gas is produced, which is a bridge of renewable fuels. I think this movement is important.

We must remain independent of energy. It gives us more strength and more freedom of concern about what is happening in the Middle East. We have enough worries there without having to worry about it.

So I have a comprehensive energy policy, but I actually include the fight against climate change because I think this is a serious problem. I support the move towards cleaner and renewable energy as soon as possible because I believe we can clean energy superpower to be in the atheist and twentieth century and creating millions of new jobs and businesses.

But I also want to make sure they do not leave people behind. That is why I am the only candidate since the beginning of this campaign, which has a plan to help activate the country of coal, because coal mines and their parents and grandparents dug coal. Many lost their lives. They were injured, but turned the lights as they worked in their factories. I do not want to run away from them. So we have to do something for them.

Cooper: Minister Clinton …

Clinton: But coal prices are falling all over the world. So we have to look at this in a holistic way.

Cooper: Time is running out.

Clinton: That’s exactly what they suggest. I hope to go to HillaryClinton.com and consider all the policiesEND_DIV.

Cooper: Time is running out. We have a time …

Raddatz: Our …

Cooper: A question from the audience to each other.

Raddatz: got me one last question, and it’s about Carl Baker.

QUESTION: Good evening. My question as it is, regardless of current discourse, is it a positive thing to respect each other’s name?


Raddatz: Trump, do you want to be first?

Clinton: Well, I’m sure, because I think this is just a very important issue. Look, I respect your children. Their kids are capable of very dedicated, and I think it says a lot about Donald. I do not agree with everything else he says or does, but I respect him. I think this is a mother and her grandmother is very important to me.

Therefore, I believe that these elections have become part of – so Toj ھ to the conflict, namely intensive because there is a very much at stake. This is not a normal time, this is not an ordinary choice. We will choose the president who will put the policy not only for four or eight years, but because of some important decisions to be made here at home and around the world, from the Supreme Court of Energy and more, so That there is much at stake. It is one of the most transcendental elections we had.

This was intended to develop specific policies and plans, in an attempt to eliminate them from staff and put it into what I want to do as president. That’s why I hope people come from that by themselves so that they can see that, yes, I’ve spent 30 years, in fact, maybe a little more, and work to help children and families. I want to take all this experience to the White House and I do it every day.

Raddatz: Trump?

Tromp: Well, I consider your statement that my children are a very good complement. I do not know if it’s supposed to be a compliment, but it’s great – I’m very proud of my kids. They have done a great job, and they were wonderful, wonderful children. Therefore, I consider that a compliment.

I’m going to say this about Hillary. That does not resign. He does not give up. I respect it. I say as it is. He’s a fighter. I do not agree with much to fight. I do not disagree with the judgment in many cases. But they do not fight hard, and they do not resign themselves, and do not give up. Which I consider to be a very good feature.

Raddatz: Thank you for it too.

Cooper: We would like to thank the two candidates. We would like to thank the university here. This concludes the municipal meeting. Thanks to the candidates, the Commission, the University of Washington, and for all those who saw. Raddatz: Please listen on October 19, the latest presidential debate to be held at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Goodnight everyone.



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