Home food Gordon Ramsay Has His Pad Thai Ripped Apart By A Thai Chef
Gordon Ramsay Has His Pad Thai Ripped Apart By A Thai Chef

Gordon Ramsay Has His Pad Thai Ripped Apart By A Thai Chef


It’s Gordon Ramsay is known to be one of the most difficult chefs in the business. The kitchen is hell-directed for more than a decade, over 16 glorious seasons full of intimidation and tears. RAMSEY built an empire worth several million bets, which basically means people, and we can not get enough of them.


But have you stopped to ask if it was Gordon Ramsay with science that it was never his fault? Was chef put his head between two slices of bread and a sandwich of him a fool called?

As it turns out, Ramsay is not immune to criticism as you think. Again in 2009, during an episode of F- word, Gordon cook plate Thai restaurant executive chef Blue Elephant Thai. It started with enough brilliance, with Ramsay explaining on its steps and frying what looks like a delicious dish.

After a taste of a symbolic fresh Thai, Chef Zhang was not happy. In fact, Ramsay said, “This is not the Pad Thai at all Pad Thai should be sweet, sour, salty and ..” Well, this is embarrassing. Take a look at the clip below to see the whole glorious episode unfold.



So there you have it: Everything you think you know about Gordon Ramsay has changed forever. At least you can be satisfied in knowing that everyone loses even the most impressive personalities in the world. Including, it seems, the people who have worked on these films $ 20 million.


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