Home Animals Giant Fish Fights Back Causing Entire Fishing Boat To Sink
Giant Fish Fights Back Causing Entire Fishing Boat To Sink

Giant Fish Fights Back Causing Entire Fishing Boat To Sink


Fishing can be a good way to relax with anything but the sensations of nature to keep you company, but sometimes, there can be a lot of stress. You can not think of fishing as a sport, not to mention a dangerous one, but with a little fish (like tuna), which weighs over 300 kg (660 pounds), Chnk water creature requires a good dose of skill , Or even luck.

And millions watching the world of fishing, such as Dead fishing, and in the endless battle between men and the sea, and fishermen do not always come at the top of the list.


In January 2013, the crew went fishing on the shores of Panama through the black MERLIN water below. These fish, which migrate to the Indian Ocean and Pacific, up to 80 miles per hour underwater, and as one of the largest bony fish in the world, they can be a huge target for the hunter in search of breathtaking distances. When I took the ship known as Obhundancia in this Marilyn, which was imposed against human nature, as the sinking of the whole ship in the Gulf of Panama.

On January 18, the sinking of a fishing boat from outside the west coast of the club in Panama in the water after a confrontation with the black marlin. It is estimated that a weight of approximately 500 pounds, proved very difficult marlin to Obhundancia, leaving four crew members, as well as many of the guests aboard the vessel was not injured, but much more damp than it was before.


While Black Marlin is a fast and strong reputation for fish, it was a particular incident, a maritime part to a human error on the boat. For the braking of the black marlin, the commander of the craft uses a technique known as “Support Down”: put the boat in reverse, which helps to reel fishing line a hard fish like black marlin.

Unfortunately for Obhundancia, a giant wave overcame the boat from the boat, the whole boat and put off balance, and soon it was the fall of the boat. Discovered another member of the hunting club on the west coast, passengers Brian Grange, passengers who have been removed from Obhundancia, said he was pleased that no one was injured on this sea voyage.

“We are pleased to report that the fishermen and the captain and the crew were evacuated from the ship without injury or loss of life, thanks to the prompt response by the captain and crew of one of the other ships finally. That fishing for fish in sight or a wireless connection with a twin vessel, in this case, one was very close to the other boats that finally allow the immediate response. ”


Dave Sainz has done, a rescue boat, pull the camera to try to collect the fish before fleeing, said the fish weighs about 500 to 600 pounds, and is called “a very acrobatic.” He had Sainz black marlin adventure, and booked another trip to Panama with the hunting club on the west coast immediately.


It was founded in 1988, and was delivered to the West Coast Fun Fishing Getaway for fishing lovers for almost 30 years. It is expected to occur incidents such as those involving Obhundance in 2013, but Brian Grange Club is equipped to say well-equipped to deal with such incidents, saying that they have put a lot of money on the security equipment on board and hundreds Of working hours each year to make sure that if you grew something, we are prepared to deal with it. “


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