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Didn’t Sleep Well Last Night? — 7 Ways To Wake Up & Feel Better

Didn’t Sleep Well Last Night? — 7 Ways To Wake Up & Feel Better


Monday, Omeri !? Regardless of the day, if you wake up without proper sleep at night, it can be a struggle to get up and be productive. Click below for expert advice on how to dream to get back on the right route. (Hint: I do not drink tons of coffee!)

Sleep is very important for the mind and body. We need her to rest and recover without her, we can feel the eccentric, distracted, nervous and dizzy. There are a lot of side effects of not getting enough sleep, but there are some tricks to make you feel more awake if you spend the night hanging around.

Dr. Neil Stanley, dream expert, chirp:

Stop jumping: “but it feels bad, you need to get your body awake open the curtains and open the window so that cool between and light in the air.”.

The Whites Braacfast: “It’s a good way to tell your body that day,” says Dr. Stanley.

Try to get things done early: “In this case, do all the important work at the front of the day. You will not have to do anything productive later.”

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No CHOJ Kofi: …. “Gozhelang caffeine is a temporary solution It’s just going to go It will not happen the day … If you drink too much caffeine, it actually becomes a sedative When it comes to side effects, there are A U-shaped curve: it will give you a boost, but a lot will have the opposite effect. ” This point hits about 4 or 5 cups.

Drinking something like herbal tea, which is good for you, however, “woke up and make tea is better than the same tea.When people sleep for the evaluation studios, and I would like to get up and make tea each And he encouraged me to get up and move, and he made me go to the bathroom, another reason to get up and move. ”

Get up: “Be as active as possible take more breaks and walk around It’s hard to stay awake even just looking at the screen …”

Try to pick up in the PNA: “If you can find a way to take a nap at work, do not do it When you’re asleep, and what you have to do is sleep Caffeine is a temporary solution If you can not nap in your Office, you can give yourself your car … or even the toilet!

If you can not take a nap, try to meditate. “The best impulse you can get is to sleep, but close your eyes will help you relax in the brain. In a noisy environment, something (such as the application of meditation) that allows you to close your eyes and brain will be Your interest. ”

Sak hit again … and sleep will come: “If you have a bad night, the next night should be better You can regain deep and restful sleep …. missed the night before, but do not put too much pressure on them Relax .. and then go to bed at the indicated time .. do all the things you must do to ensure a good night’s sleep, and do not put any expectations on it. “


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