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10 Common Mistakes Couples Make After A Love Making Session

10 Common Mistakes Couples Make After A Love Making Session


At one point you are suffering from the following Alhzh bliss, all that fades into the air. Why is it that the fire was fired once, even in just a glance go diminishing in the end so that both usually get to sleep back to each other? We often see the fire get bored as we move the relationship over time and there is nothing we can do to make things work just as before.

Some of them are compensating for guilt while others are tired of the same routine, but what about couples who love themselves like a madman and still find frenzy in the fall? There is certainly something that hinders your emotional life and affects you in silence.

I waited! Are you one of those who make these mistakes that kill the mood and affect the following sessions of your love? It’s not too late to fix!


Is set in the mood …

Are you in a position where I had just returned home and can not wait to get intimate? Or … find your partner each group waiting for you with the candles lit and even the bath ready? Can not even wait for change and new even? I’m sure this is common to all!


Are no longer able to keep their hands off each other!

The fun begins and spreads over each other …


You have been listening … Love ping


But is there something that you or your partner has done shortly after rhythm death?



Mistakes after sex!

There are some things that couples do just bring the fun o-meter and kills the happiness they both enjoy. Here are the mistakes you should avoid if you want to continue Hana’s life


1) Running to the bathroom to clean.

If you can enjoy getting dirty while you do, then why can not you wait for li’l for a longer period before cleaning? Enjoy a few moments with your partner after making love, everything else can wait!


2) Grab something to eat immediately.

If you rush into the kitchen or in the refrigerator shortly after eating or drinking, you may indicate that you are expecting to finish quickly and were thinking about eating all the time. This can not go very well with your partner.


3) Leave your partner to sleep in another room.

Even if you otherwise sleep in separate rooms, it is not a good idea to leave your partner alone in the room immediately after taking. You can always stay with him / her on your bed / bed and have a rest night in the future. Do not let them have or feel uncomfortable Aktmalcm went to their bed.


4) Skating out shortly thereafter.

Many couples (either one or both spouses) immediately tend to get rid of after making love sitting. This is certainly not.


5) Pick up the phone / novel as a tradition before bed.

Do not pick up the phone again to make a call or pick up a novel immediately after you’re done making love. Your sleep system can be on normal days to call a friend or read some books, but some moments are special, and just keep them special!


6) Immediately to dress.

This gives you the feeling that you are in a pinch at all while your partner, and can not wait to get dressed. You do not want it if your partner does it for you, right? Let your eyes and smile and wind embrace in the end and smoothly for you.


7) Turn on the TV.

Do you think all the time you soap a day or a football game while your hormones were on fire? This is what your partner will feel if you immediately switch on the TV after making love. It does not feel right!


8) Start filing a complaint about how you do not like it as much as this session.

Well, this can be very embarrassing for your partner, hearing that he / she can not meet your demands, well this time, and can immediately change the mood of the “happy and satisfied” to “annoying and incompetent.” Guilt game can wait, just let sexual happiness persist for some time.


9) Work orientation or sit down to complete work in the office.

A great no! I understand that you have an important task to order, but just give a little more time to your partner who is still drooling in the beautiful time he / she only.


10) Call your children immediately.

Well, you have your kids busy in some video game or send it to a neighbor to enjoy a “you and me” time alone. But immediately after the roll away from your partner, you can seize your load and call your children.

It’s not fair! Enjoy your kids, so you should, for a few more minutes. You do not want your partner to erase it in front of the children’s eyes, right?


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